Mai-Wel Enterprises: “We come to you.”

Mai-Wel Enterprises offers businesses and industries solutions that save time and money. At Mai-Wel Enterprises, we employ people with disability (called Supported Employees) who, alongside industry specialists, assist businesses with innovative solutions and service offerings.

One example of this has been the recent increase in completing work on-site at other businesses.

“Here at Mai-Wel Enterprises, we recognised a gap in the labour market,” says Mel, Operations Manager of Mai-Wel Enterprises.

“There is a shortage of workers who are willing and able to complete repetitive tasks while maintaining a high quality of work. In this gap, Mai-Wel Enterprises has found a strength; our workforce shows up every day, get the job done and exceed the standards set forth by the businesses we support.”

Mai-Wel Enterprises have been completing work on-site for several businesses, travelling and completing work on their sites and eliminating the need to transport products from one place to another.

“We can come to you,” says Mel, “which is an option that we find more businesses are benefitting from.”

“Some of the things we do at the moment range from building crates that can hold aircraft engines, operating machinery, whether that be already on our customer’s site, or machinery that we bring in ourselves, to packaging your business’ products. We are open to anything and everything that businesses may require our assistance with.”

When it comes to their workforce, contracting Mai-Wel Enterprises helps to bust the myths and stereotypes that people may have about working alongside people with disability.

“The word ‘Disability’ encompasses so many things,” says Mel, “businesses we work alongside often don’t realise we have Supported Employees who have their car licences, forklift licences and MR truck licences. We have workers who can complete tasks from packaging, labelling and shredding through to operating heavy machinery, welding and using electrical tools.

“When we begin working with a business, we make sure to match you with employees who have the skillset and ability required to do the job and exceed expectations. On your site, our Supported Employees work alongside their Support Workers, who assist them to maintain a high quality of work and support them in whatever other respect they may require.

“And of course, when you contract us, you’re helping to educate your workforce about diversity and inclusion, understanding more about disability in the workforce.”

Enhance your corporate social responsibility! It has been shown to increase staff loyalty and morale and makes a real difference to the lives of Mai-Wel Enterprise’s Supported Employees.

When asked about the benefits Supported Employees gained from working at other business sites, Mel had no end of examples.

“Several of our workers are actually looking to transition into employment outside of Enterprises. Experiencing other worksites is a great opportunity for them to experience this and get a sense for the type of work they would like to do in the future,” says Mel.

“Being in employment benefits people with disability in the same ways it benefits any of us. Unfortunately, people with disability experience more barriers when it comes to gaining employment. By supporting us to provide jobs for Supported Employees, they are able to improve their independence, financially and otherwise, get to create a social network, take part in a community and strengthen their sense of identity and self-worth. I can’t emphasise enough how much it means for our team to work with you, and because of that they take so much pride in their job. Our workers truly offer a unique skillset and sense of pride in their work that you won’t find elsewhere.”

Within the workforce at Mai-Wel Enterprises there are also a range of industry specialists who will help to ensure work is completed with complete safety and a high level of excellence.

“We have a WHS Officer and a Training Officer who have experience and qualifications in several fields, including manufacturing, mining and logistics,” Mel explains.

“When we first engage with a business, our team completes risk assessments and guide our workforce through inductions, a complete training package developed by our Training Officer (both theory and practical), and complete safety observations. In consultation with the business, we complete all of this training and preparation with our own team and will show up on the day ready and fully prepared to get the job done.

“Your business will review all our material to ensure you are happy with our preparations. And, once we’re on the site completing the job, our team will make sure to complete impromptu internal audits, ensuring we are always maintaining proper processes and are completing quality work. Of course, we keep open communication with your business throughout our work with you.”

“Quality is one of our highest priorities, so all these processes help to make sure that we are able to live up to this value,” says Mel.

There are many ways Mai-Wel Enterprises can assist your business. To engage with Mai-Wel Enterprises and learn more check out their website maiwelenterprises.com.au or get in contact at (02) 4015 8900 or enterprises@maiwel.com.au.


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