How can local businesses work with Mai-Wel Enterprises?

Come along to the Maitland Small Business Summit to meet Andrea, a Business Development Representative at Mai-Wel.

Andrea will be representing Mai-Wel Enterprises, whose dedicated team of staff offer a range of products and services aimed to save businesses time and money. Mai-Wel Enterprises provides employment to people with disability alongside industry specialists who service businesses all over the Hunter, Australia and the world.

We spoke to Andrea to get her perspective on what Mai-Wel Enterprises can offer to small businesses in our region.

What is Mai-Wel Enterprises and what sets it apart from other businesses?

“Mai-Wel Enterprises is a Profit for Purpose enterprise that provides a number of quality services,” says Andrea, “from building crates, pallets and customisable timber and light metal fabrication services to product packaging, scanning, shredding and recycling, Mai-Wel Enterprises can assist your business with jobs big and small.

“If your business values social procurement, Mai-Wel Enterprises is a great choice.

“Social procurement means that the goods and service you purchase at Mai-Wel Enterprises helps your business to operate economically and efficiently, with our profits being reinvested into providing employment and other services for people with disability and job seekers at Mai-Wel. You can be more socially conscious and add value to your business and our community at the same time when you choose Mai-Wel Enterprises.”

How can businesses benefit from social procurement with Mai-Wel Enterprises?

“Mai-Wel Enterprises team is made up of both industry specialists and people with a disability who are dedicated to getting the job done. The money we make goes straight back to Mai-Wel, upgrading structure and services that assists both people with disability and young job seekers in the Hunter region to break down the barriers to achieving their goals. This equals social procurement for your business.

“Businesses who choose Mai-Wel Enterprise social procurement services and products also benefit when they are going for large government tenders, as you will be able to cite us as the way your business utilises social procurement.

“Choosing Mai-Wel Enterprises just makes good business sense.”

What can Mai-Wel Enterprises offer to small businesses?

“Our business products and services division allows small-medium enterprises (SME) to leverage their time and focus on work in the business that only you can do,” says Andrea.

Mai-Wel Enterprises can provide support and take several jobs off your hands, with our services including:

  • Packaging
  • Product Assembly
  • Mail Outs
  • Secure Document Digitisation
  • Electrical Cable Labels
  • Printing: Digital and Offset
  • Business Stationery
  • Name Badges
  • PPE

“No matter how big or small the job may be, Mai-Wel Enterprises can assist your business with assembly and packaging. We are also a lead supplier of secure document management and destruction, protecting businesses sensitive material to remain secure against identity theft.

“With our industry products and services division, SME’s are able to save time through our process which integrates design innovation, production methods and quality management to ensure your business’ unique needs are exceeded!”

Mai-Wel Enterprises’ diverse range of industry products for businesses big and small include:

  • Custom export and non-export pallets, crates and dunnage
  • Hardwood stakes, wedges and chocks
  • Customised outdoor and indoor furniture/items
  • Silt/gravel bags
  • Assembly and fit out of electrical components
  • Onsite metal maintenance and manufacturing
  • Customised light metal fabrication (E.g., toolboxes, guards, archways, clips, brackets, handrails, bike racks, stillages, cages, furniture, display stands, trolleys etc.)

Since Mai-Wel Enterprises provides such a wide range of products and services, could you give us a few examples of what you’re providing to businesses in our community at the moment?

“Certainly!” says Andrea.

“One business we work with is Bunzl Safety, a company which provides work safety products and services. Some of the work we do with them includes cutting underground roof support chains into set lengths and manufacturing stainless stell wire rope slings for underground limestone dust bags.

“We also print electronic cable labels for Ampcontrol, an organisation providing complex electrical infrastructure solutions to industries across the globe. I would like to share a testimonial from AmpControl and what they have to say about our services.”

No matter who we have dealt with through Mai-Wel, it has been an absolute breeze to get our work completed. No job is too big or small and no deadline is out of their reach. They do an amazing job for us.

“These two businesses just scratch the surface of the types of work Mai-Wel Enterprise can do for you,” says Andrea.

Tell us a bit more about what it means for a person with disability working at Mai-Wel Enterprises.

“By supporting Mai-Wel Enterprises, you are also supporting a person with disability to thrive in meaningful employment, learning skills and achieving their employment goals.

“People with disability want the same things as everyone else, however often face several barriers to entering the workforce. Mai-Wel Enterprises offers a supportive employment for people with disability to work, learn skills, contribute to society, feel respected and proud of their work.

“Of course, employment is also crucial to independence, helping our Supported Employees save money to achieve their dreams such as going on vacation, buying a car or living independently.

“The more businesses who choose Mai-Wel Enterprises, the more jobs we can provide to people with disability and increase inclusion in our community. Your business can help us achieve this goal.”