Pallets & Crates

Mai-Wel Enterprises employs a group of experienced and capable workers to manufacture export quality pallets, build crates and offer a range of timber products.

We specialise in being a leading major supplier of export and non-export pallets, crates and heavy duty dunnage to the manufacturing, mining and industrial markets.

We are accredited by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) to manufacture export quality crates and pallets to ISPM15. Our timber is heat-treated and contains no chemicals.

Our pallets are custom made, with export pallets from 10kg to more than 10,000kg. Our pallet range includes pulley pallets, wheel pallets, heavily reinforced pallets, shipping pallets and pallets specifically made to hold sheet metal.

Mai-Wel Enterprises have worked with many mining, hardware and construction businesses, supplying pallets and crates for a range of different uses.

Crates made by our team can either be flat packed or assembled for transport and in the past have included baby crates, shipping crates, high density foam lined crates and long crates (up to 6m and over).

All crates are lined with sisalation to protect the inside of the crates from the elements such as wind, moisture and dust by creating a seal.

Whether you’re housing instruments or vehicles, transporting material or keeping something secure, there’s an option for everyone.

What our customers have to say

“Thanks for you and your boys’ efforts over the past couple of days, it’s been enormous.”

Danny Linnane, Operations Manager - Royal Equipment Pty Ltd

“We have been working with Mai-Wel Enterprises for about 18 months now, and the services provided by the team is brilliant.

Mai-Wel Enterprises build our flat pack crates in 10 pack lots, which are all heat treated and built to standard. These crates hold escape chutes which are exported internationally.

All I need to do is call the team and tell them what we’re after, and they’re ready for delivery the next day!

I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide”

Allan Warner, Total Fire Solutions (Ingstrom Escape Chutes)

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