Jenny Travel Training

Achieving Goals and Independence:
Jenna’s Journey with Mai-Wel

At Mai-Wel, we believe in the power of determination and support to help individuals achieve their goals. One inspiring example is Jenna, a supported employee who has successfully learned to travel independently via public transport to and from her home and workplace. With dedicated 1:1 support and careful planning, Jenna has reached a significant milestone that has not only boosted her independence but also her confidence.

Jenna’s journey towards independent travel began with a team effort involving her family, her support worker Catherine, and community stakeholders. Together, they mapped out the best route for Jenna, considering factors like safety, community awareness, and the efficient use of an Opal card.

A crucial part of Jenna’s training involved identifying bus stops along the route and having a contingency plan for any unexpected situations. Initially, Jenna received 1:1 support throughout her travel training, giving her the guidance and reassurance she needed to navigate the journey successfully. As she gained confidence and skills, this support evolved into a shadow shift, with her support worker following in a car to provide assistance if needed.

After weeks of dedicated practice and guidance, Jenna achieved her goal of traveling to and from work independently. Her determination, along with the support from her network, has empowered her to reach this important milestone.

Jenna’s success is a powerful reminder that with the right assistance and encouragement, individuals can overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Join us in celebrating Jenna’s achievement and the positive impact of Mai-Wel’s services.