Stretcher-cise at Enterprise

Mai-Wel Enterprise have introduced daily workplace stretches.

The team have been discussing the importance of stretching at work and have commenced a stretching program to ensure everyone gets moving throughout the day. Now, stretching has become part of our workplace routine for the whole team.

Regular stretching is important for overall wellbeing, but also crucial for employee’s health and safety at work. Employee safety is our top priority and stretching can help prevent injuries by increasing flexibility and range of motion.

We are all embracing this new initiative and have noticed an improvement in employee morale and productivity.

Kane has said, “stretching is important, I stretch every time I exercise.”

James has said, “I have started doing these stretches at home.”

It has been great to see the team getting up and moving during their workplace stretches!

A room of men and women wearing high-vis stretching with one arm over the head.
A line of men in high-vis stretching against a wall.