Mai-Wel Enterprises: Meaningful employment for those who need it most

When you engage with Mai-Wel Enterprises, it’s means more than just receiving a high quality, locally produced products or services. It means you’re helping to provide an opportunity to members of our community who are often overlooked when it comes to the workforce.

Did you know: Working-age people with disability have a lower employment rate (48%) than those without disability (80%)[1]

People with disability sometimes aren’t given a go. Unemployment undeniably has a negative impact on wellbeing, and several studies have shown that meaningful employment can be life changing.

That’s why it’s our mission to provide people with disability with a supportive pathway into employment and prove to everyone that workers with disability offer great value to the workforce.

What does Mai-Wel Enterprise actually do?

Mai-Wel Enterprises provides a range of products and services to businesses locally and nationally, including:

  • Packaging and product assembly
  • Promotional products
  • Mail outs and printing
  • Pallets and crates
  • Timber and light metal fabrication
  • And so much more which you can find on our website.

How your business can make a difference

Many employers currently engage with us for a wide range of jobs, whether they be small local businesses to large national companies.

We’ve been able to provide opportunities to our Supported Employees to upskill and be pushed out of their comfort zone to take a chance at trying new tasks. We back this up with theory and practical-based training to ensure our Supported Employees are skilled and confident to complete these jobs.

And with all profits filtered straight back into Mai-Wel Enterprise, it means the more businesses who engage with us, the more we can fund bigger and better opportunities for people with disability.

If you want to connect people with possibilities, contact Mai-Wel Enterprises today.


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