Each year Mai-Wel celebrates the long service and ongoing dedication of supported employees of Mai-Wel Enterprises through the Annual Supported Employee Anniversary Awards.

Due to COVID-19 safety measures, things looked a little different at the award ceremony this year, but it was special nonetheless. The event was held outdoors at Mai-Wel Enterprises, with a thinner crowd of standing friends and colleagues who celebrated these long service milestones.

For the year 2020, four employees of Mai-Wel Enterprises received their Years of Service Awards in recognition of their contribution and commitment to Mai-Wel and it’s safe to say these milestones are incredibly deserving of recognition.

Supported employees who received recognition awards were:

  • Steven Crump – 20 years of service
  • Sharon Dagg – 20 years of service
  • Christopher Bradley – 25 years of service
  • Steven Hill – 30 years of service

Mai-Wel is so grateful for the work of Steven C, Sharon, Christopher and Steven H, for their proven dedication over the years and all that they have contributed to the organisation.

Well done to these hard-working employees!

For more information about supported employment at Mai-Wel, visit our supported employee page or call (02) 4057 2900.

Pictured from left to right: Steven Hill, Sharon Dagg, Christopher Bradley, Steven Crump

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